Air Travel Essentials Everyone over 40 Should Prioritize

Air Travel Essentials Everyone over 40 Should Prioritize

It’s true. Gone are my days of staying up all night before a 5 a.m. flight knowing I would easily fall sleep in my middle economy seat. Also gone are my days of putting all of my packing energy into what I will wear once I get there. At a certain age, comfort and feeling good during the flight also becomes a real priority. Here are a few of my must have travel essentials for a comfortable day (or night) in the air. 

Trtl Neck Pillow

This neck pillow is next level. I’ve used the Trtl on flights and on road trips. (My dad even used his to nap in his office chair.) You’ll quickly forget that your neck is wrapped up like a burrito when you find yourself sleeping sitting up for 3 hours.

TSA-approved Clear Toiletry Bag

No more zip-lock bags, please!  Having several clear toiletry bags are where it’s at. One to store all of your liquids for TSA-check at security. One for cords, dongles and other small electronics. Others for medicines or snacks. It’s super helpful to easily see what you’re trying to find when 40,000 feet in the air. These come in sets of 5 (perfect!).

Compression Socks

It first happened to me after a long-haul flight in my 30s when I landed in Greece with ankles blown up like balloons. I am now a full believer in compression socks on ANY flight to keep the circulation going and the bloating/swelling of my feet to a minimum. These come in so many fun prints to keep your blood pumping and your toes warm as well.

Under-Eye Masks

There was a time when I would have been too self-conscious to wear an eye mask in public but no more! These eye masks come in handy packets that you can toss into your carry-on for a helpful refresh during the flight or before you land.

Reusable Water Bottle

Always bring a reusable water bottle with you so that you can fill up at the water fountain and save a little money at the airport. I recommend you choose one that is sleek and can neatly slide into the seat pocket in front of you without too much bulk. It’s handy if the lid has a handle that you can easily grab and sip during the flight.

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