The Gadabout is a curated collection of travel experiences to spark wanderlust.

Our contributors have one common trait: we are all gadabouts who live to travel. We see beauty in the journey, and always have our next holiday planned. Our trips are sophisticated, but not expensive. We care about the experience and what we might learn along the way.

The Gadabout travel magazine includes contributor and in-house content. We are currently accepting articles and photo collections created by you, the traveler with a tale to tell. 

From the Editor.
My favorite question to ask anyone after they return from a holiday: tell me about the best thing you got to do while you were away.

Great experiences make a trip memorable. The experience of travel is what slows us down, opens our minds, inspires our dreams and builds memories. Sometimes it’s an activity. Sometimes a great meal. Sometimes, a hammock on the lanai where you turned down the volume of the world for just a few hours. I am launching The Gadabout to bring these experiences to focus.

I have traveled all of my life. As an army brat growing up, I lived in 2 countries (Germany and Australia) and 6 American states by the time I was 18. Since then, I’ve lived in 6 more states and one more country (South Korea).

I have a soft spot for unique hotels and surprising little restaurants. I don’t like to over-plan a trip but to go with the flow and see where the day takes me. Exploring and experiencing new places, and then talking about it with others is my passion. I have worked in publishing and now in advertising for more than 25 years, so it feels right to finally link it all together!

Thank you, and we hope you are inspired.

Leslie Hodgin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief