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Please send all submission inquiries to us at hello@thegadmag.com.

Content Submission Guidelines.

We are excited to meet this community, so please send us your submissions! We want to share travel stories from travelers like you. We accept articles written by you based on your experience, photography series that tell a story and trip planning guides that get into the fun details. We are just getting started, and are happy to allow cross-posts with your own blog or website. 

Topics should lean into a personal travel experience, be it good, bad or great! We want readers to feel moved by your journey. We are not looking for high level details of a 2-week trip, but rather a significant experience or moment that really made a memorable impact.

Please aim for 800-1500 words and submit via Word document. We will edit for grammar and flow, but not alter the point of your piece. Please submit owned images or owned illustrations to represent your piece. We reserve the right to crop or edit images to best reflect the website, and may also supplement with additional photography.

Our gallery section features visual imagery to tell a travel story without words. Please submit between 6 and 20 owned photos or illustrations to represent your visual story. Captions are optional. We reserve the right to crop images or publish only a selection.

Images should be at 72dpi. We aren’t looking for your selfies or posed shots with friends, so keep it journalistic for us, please.

We are looking for gadabout-worthy places to eat, drink, stay and play. Please share no more than 1000 words to include what, where, and why someone should check out your recommendation. Sponsored content will be considered and labeled.

Legal stuff.
We want to share your stories and images. If accepted, we will require signed verification of images/content ownership. We reserve the right to share content and images via our social media channels. (Don’t worry, we will credit all work and hopefully drive some new traffic to your pages as well.)

When submitting, please include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Instagram handle (optional)
  • Website/blog (optional)
  • A short bio (Please keep it to a few sentences, like where you live and your latest explorations or dream holidays, etc.)
  • If you would like a photo published with your bio, please send us a 350×350 image

We aim to respond to everyone who submits within 1 week. Thank you, and we look forward to reading your submissions!